Terms of Service

  1. Terms of Service
  •  Atleast half deposit of the agreed price should be made to facilitate commencement for the preparation of the client's business plan.
  •  Payments should be in US dollars made through Western Union for clients outside Uganda. Please send the test question and answer and the Money
  • Control Transfer Number (MCTN Number ).The account name is: Barbra NorahGwokyalya .A scanned receipt will be sent to your email address confirmingreceipt of your payment.
  •  Payments made within Uganda can be made through Western Union or Airtel Money in Uganda shillings or US dollars which will be exchanged using the prevailing exchange rate.
  • A scanned receipt will be sent to your email address confirming receipt of your payment. For payments in Uganda made through
  • AirtelMoney,the contact phone number is 0756031264 please send a message before sending the money explaining the payment, the amount of money to be sent andyour name. An Airtel Money message showing receipt of money paid by theclient will be forwarded to the client's phone to confirm receipt of his/her payment.
  • § In case the client changes his/her mind after payment is made, there shall not be any refund made to the client.
  • § A complete business plan will be sent to the client email address after completion of payment and we request a reply to be made confirming receipt ofthe final document.

Books for Sale

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